Thursday Dec 9, 2021

Since I didn't get a chance for any sports in high school, I'll make it up with a lot of basketball. Yes ... I can vaguely see that rim without my glasses!
Gets played once and a while.
Though there's never a chance to play it, baseball is my favorite of all!
Quite fun after dodging all the people.

     Ah, this is where it's all about!!! Free broadcast over-the-air HD programming!
Tuesdays - Excellent show!
Wednesdays - no mercy.
Fridays - X-Files + LOST
Sundays - Round and round the world we go.
Sundays - Classic fairy tale characters with a twist.
Monday-Sundays - American Experience, Nova, Frontline, Independent Lens, Cooking, and the list goes on and on.
Monday-Sundays - Korean shows with English subtitles!!!

Transformers for all time.

  creative arts


High Definition Videography / Editing

Music Composition (Piano)

Drawing ... more like Doodling =P

Everything!!! But hands down, I love noodles ... any noodles --- thin, soupy, rice, fried, baked, crispy, cold, pasta, egg, braised, large, clear, etc.

  family travel
Many great places!!! See Gallery

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